On  3 Sep, Terry Lambert wrote:
>> >
>> > I would like it.  How often does it update the proctitle?
>> Whenever it  outputs a  line to  the stderr --  I personally  find no
>> regularity in that :(. SIGINFO handling is a different thing, though.
>> I'll look at that too. Thanks,
> It would be nice to have in  a SIGINFO handler as well, but since your
> application  is  dump  run  by  Amanda  as  a  background  process,  a
> SIGINFO is  not very useful,  unless it  was being suggested  that the
> setproctitle() be called from a SIGINFO handler?

Yes that's  what is being suggested.  The output line will  be the same,
so  no dump-output-parsing  scripts should  break (including  Amanda's).
Please, read the patches.
> I'm pretty sure that this would not be a valid thing to do;

Mmm, why?

> SIGINFO itself is also problematic, since  if you redirect output to a
> file, etc., you'd really need to call fflush()

Why? The line will eventually be saved without an explicit fflush(), but
the proctitle will be set immediately... Besides, in case of dump, it is
the stderr, that has no buffering, AFAIK :)

> Also,  printf()  allocates  memory  for floating  point,  so  if  that
> percentage is  a floating  point calculation, then  you are  in double
> trouble,  since you  are  not allowed  to call  malloc()  in a  signal
> handler.

That's interesting... I can modify it  a bit, to round the percentage to
fit the %d if called as a signal handler. Thanks. Anything else?


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