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> When you rebuild and install a new kernel, are you also doing a
> `make buildworld` and a `make installworld` in /usr/src before you
> reboot?

My usual method is to build a kernel, reboot, build world, reboot,
build a kernel using the new world, reboot again, do a mergemaster,
one final build world, reboot, then test.

If I'm bored I'll do it all over again after combing for stale binaries

Fortunately, I have a very fast system. :-)

> Sometimes changes to userland are trivial, and you may not need to
> rebuild userland, but utmp corruption is indicative of changes that
> require userland be rebuilt and installed.
> Ideally, you should buildworld/installworld *EVERY* time you build a
> -current kernel.
> Of course, if you have already done this, feel free to issue me a
> boot to the head.

I expect that this is the first question that should be asked of
anyone who doesn't state explicitly that they follow a rigorous
process for assuring a good build.  No boot to the head necessary...

> You note that you are running innd, please don't tell me that you
>are using -current in a production environment...  -current is always
>subject to massive *FUNDAMENTAL* changes with only a moment's notice,
>and breakage without any notice at all...  Using -current in a
>production environment, unless seriously justified [such as -current
>being more stable than -stable], is a fine way to put yourself in a
>position to commit hari-kari, and nobody wants that.

I would call it a non-production system - besides, how better to test
-current than by doing exactly what I would do with it in a real
production system?

I really don't think that this is an INN problem though - my best
guess at the moment is that either something is busted in csh/tcsh or
that something it relies upon is broken.  The outward symptoms I saw
that screwed up news or the boot sequence I think could be explained
by the scripts returning control to console rather than exiting the
shell, but that's a wild guess.

I have rolled most of my -current systems back to a source tree from
23:36 UT on Monday night which is the last time I built a fully
working system.  I don't have too much time to play with it but I
still have two very -current systems that exhibit the problem of the
ps corruption so I'll keep plugging and if I get some time this
weekend and they still are doing this, then I'll try and get more

dave c

Dave Cornejo @ Dogwood Media, Fremont, California (also [EMAIL PROTECTED])
  "There aren't any monkeys chasing us..." - Xochi

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