> Since you posted this message to -current, I just assumed you
> had upgraded to the latest code, and thus were using ACPI (this
> is the same thing that ended up confusing Mike Smith, who also
> made the mistake in correcting me to say that ACPI was being
> loaded twice on your system).

Actually, I said that this was a possible problem.

> The general form of the problem is:
>       1)      PnP BIOS tells FreeBSD about the devices
>       2)      The device.hints tells FreeBSD about the
>               devices

This is the general form of a different problem.  The hints
DO NOT supply PNPxxxx identifiers.  Got it yet?

> A "quick hack", which was iscussed but not implemented at
> the time I read the message about it, would be to disable
> the ACPI timer

It's a) implemented and b) documented in the acpi(4) manpage
(and has been for some time).

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