You are a life saver, as you so often are.  I am copying this to the 
developers so they can let me know what they need because this Compaq
seems to be a mess.

I'll add this to my hints and see what happens.

Thanks again,


Quoting David Wolfskill <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

| Per Mike Smith's message of Wed, 29 Aug 2001 19:58:59 -0700:
|  - Help! ACPI crashes my system.
| You can disable ACPI by unsetting the 'acpi_load' variable in the
| loader (for temporary testing) or by setting
| hint.acpi.0.disable=1
| in /boot/device.hints.  If you find that you need to do this, please
| let the FreeBSD ACPI developers ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) know so that
| we can investigate the problem.
| Cheers,
| david
| -- 
| David H. Wolfskill                            [EMAIL PROTECTED]
| As a computing professional, I believe it would be unethical for me to
| advise, recommend, or support the use (save possibly for personal
| amusement) of any product that is or depends on any Microsoft product.


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