On 18-Sep-01 Garrett Wollman wrote:
> lock order reversal
>  1st 0xd3a5c11c process lock @ ../../../vm/vm_glue.c:469
>  2nd 0xc0e3fe30 lockmgr interlock @ ../../../kern/kern_lock.c:239
> This is on relatively old (~ three months) sources.  The first lock is
> from swapout_procs(); I assume the second lock actually refers to the
> call to lockmgr(&vm->vm_map.lock, ...) further down in the same
> function.  If this has been fixed already, let me know.  (It doesn't
> seem to have hurt anything.)

It is old, but I think it has been fixed recently as a side effect of the KSE
commit.  (In terms of the pre-KSE kernel, the P_DEADLKTREAT flag moved from
p_flag to p_sflag which changed its locking semantics.)
> -GAWollman


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