>>>>> On Tue, 2 Oct 2001 12:30:33 -0400
>>>>> Garance A Drosihn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:

drosih> On the print *client* machine, you start lpd with '-4', meaning that
drosih> it (the client) should only accept jobs from IPv4-style connections.
drosih> Note that this flag only effects what lpd will accept, this flag has
drosih> no effect on what lpr/lpq/lprm will do when they need to connect to
drosih> a remote queue.

Yes, it's right.

drosih> The print queue for 'lp' on oink refers to a remote machine that
drosih> is named neutron.  That hostname maps to an IPv6 address.  Thus,
drosih> lpq/lpr/lprm have no choice on how to connect to that remote host.
drosih> They use the IPv6 address.  (note, for instance, that your 'ping6'
drosih> knows about neutron via IPv6, not IPv4).  So, the print client
drosih> connects to the print server via IPv6.  When the print client
drosih> connects to the print server, the print server looks up the IPv6
drosih> address of the *client*, because the client made an IPv6 connection
drosih> to the server.  Again, this has nothing to do with 'lpd -4' on the
drosih> client.  The print server apparently can not find a hostname to
drosih> match the IPv6 address of the client, so it returns the first error
drosih> message, listing the IPv6 address of the client.

No, a client does query AAAA RR for IPv6 and A RR for IPv4.  If AAAA
RR is found, a client tries to connect using IPv6, 1st.  However, lpd
accepts only IPv4 connection, in this case.  Then, if A RR is found, a
client falls down and tries to connect using IPv4.  So, a client never
connects using IPv6 to an IPv4 only listening server.

drosih> Assuming that all of the above is correct, then I *think* everything
drosih> is working the way it is supposed to.  However, I do not know the
drosih> finer points of how IPv6 is supposed to work.  Can a single hostname
drosih> have both an IPv4 address and an IPv6 address?  (as far as DNS is
drosih> concerned, I mean).  This I do not know.  In any case, the parameters
drosih> to 'lpd' are not going to effect how 'lpq' handles the printcap file.

It is usual way that a dual stack host has both AAAA RR and A RR.

Hajimu UMEMOTO @ Internet Mutual Aid Society Yokohama, Japan

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