On Fri, Oct 05, 2001 at 12:03:02AM +0200, Bernd Walter wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 04, 2001 at 01:19:15PM -0700, Crist J. Clark wrote:


> > That wouldn't work. The whole point of /var/run/named is to set the
> > permissions on the directory such that a non-root user (the 'bind'
> > user in FreeBSD typically) can write files in the directory. In order
> > to create the named directory in /var/run, you need root privs. Give
> > that to the program, and we are back where we started, no point in
> > using /var/run/named, just use /var/run.
> Named is startet under root rights and drop these later.
> It has to be so otherwise it's not possible to open port 53 for listen.
> So there is no great magic in creating the pid file in /var/run.
> If that's a problem I consider it as a bug in named.

You've never 'HUPped' a named running as non-root then. It will
complain about not being able to write the pid file (not that it is
a fatal problem). This is the reason for /var/run/named.


> > It is not that big of a deal to hack this support for named into the
> > rc scripts. It is a hassle when considering the "correct" way to
> > handle this to make it extensible to other daemons we may wish to run
> > in such a manner.
> The question is what is the correct way.

It happens I've just been hacking around in /etc/rc where the clean-up
of /var/run is done, and someone else mentioned mtree(8) in this
thread (but in a different context). I think it would be easy enough
to run mtree(8) right after /var/run is cleaned (and long after it would
be mounted as an md(4)) to get it into good form. The problem reduces
to maintaining the map file for this purpose.
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