On Fri, 05 Oct 2001 11:48:55 MST, Julian Elischer wrote:

> I need to look at it again.. (I figured I just didn't have the time to try
> understand it all AND do the rest of the kernel.) Of course the best woudl
> be if Mr. Popov did the conversion but I believe he's incredibly busy at 
> the moment.. Certainly if someone else wants to make an effort at it.
> they are welcome to do it.. otherwise I will eventually get to it.
> (but I have no way to test them).

Boris goes through phases, like the rest of us. :-)

His last round of changes from Mac OS X sorted out my panics quite

It sounds like the message is "I'd like to help with smbfs, but don't
have time right now, and it'd make a whole lot more sense for someone
closer to the code to take a look."

Thanks for the reply.  So long as I know not to hold my breath. :-)


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