On Mon, 22 Oct 2001, Harry Starr wrote:

> The problem is the new inclusion of ipfilter stuff.
> Make will change directory to .OBJDIR if it exists, and it does NOW that
> there is an ipfilter SUBDIR.

The support for a separate object tree unfortunately gives separate
object directories even to places like src/share/examples/ that don't
need object directories (and explicitly unrequest them by setting

The ipfilter stuff doesn't need an object directory, but is too broken
to set NOOBJ.  This shoots its parent in the foot by causing the
creation of the parent of its object directory (this directory becomes
the parent's object directory).  This is easy to fix by setting NOOBJ
correctly, but in general a subdir of src/share/examples/ might actually
need an object directory, and then something like your fix is needed.

Another problem with all this is that the ipfilter subdir is only added
in the (default) SHARED=copies case, so the object directories only get
created in this case.  This causes problems switching SHARED.  E.g.,
"SHARED=symlinks make cleandir" doesn't clean the object directories
that may have been created by a previous "SHARED=copies make".  This
is easy to fix by setting NOOBJ correctly.  There would only be a
problem in the not so general case where a conditionally built subdir
needs an object directory.


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