I own and MSI 694D Pro MoBo. It's a VIA 694x chip based dual P-III board. 
I recently installed a version of 5.0 from March, and it was running fine.
I cvsup'd and rebuilt everything Friday night. When I tried to boot the new
kernel it was panicing on a call to destroy_dev() on device 154/0 which I
believe is an asr device (Adaptec Scsi controller of some sort). Here is
what it looked like

Pentium Pro MTRR support enabled
Warning: devsm() called on 154/0
Warning: Driver mistake: destroy_dev on 154/0
panic don't do that
debugger ("panic")
Stopped at Debugger + 0x44: pushl %ebx

So I found the code in kern_conf.c that makes the call to panic and just
commented out the panic and rebuilt the kernel. I did this based on the cvs
log entry about 2 file revs back and also the fact that I noticed the
orginial kernel I installed from March had the same warnings but no panic
and seemed to run ok. This seemed to work. I still got the warnings but no
panic. So I built a custom kernel without scsi, since there isn't any in
this machine. And now it runs like a champ. a dmesg from the currently good
CUSTOM kernel is attatched. I am guessing it was erroneously trying to
build an asr device then realizing there wasn't one and destroying it. Is
this correct? If you need any more info on this from the debugger let me
know I still have a copy of a GENERIC kernel with this problem.

-Eric Liedtke

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