Maksim Yevmenkin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> i have some weird problem.

Well, it would have been nice if you had told what you deemed to
be the problem. ;-)  I can't find any problem at all...

> Breakpoint 1, main () at prog1.c:8
> 8             return (foo(1, 2, '3', "test"));
> (gdb) s
> foo (i=1, s=10244, c=-54 '', str=0x804855b "test") at prog1.c:13

If you mean it should look like:

foo (i=1, s=2, c=51 '3', str=0x804855b "test") at prog1.c:13

here, erm, no.  Your breakpoint simply hit before the function stack
frame initialization was complete, so gdb displays the wrong values at
that point.  Just type a single `s', followed by a `where', and you'll
see it will eventually get the argument list right then.

cheers, J"org               .-.-.   --... ...--   -.. .  DL8DTL                        NIC: JW11-RIPE
Never trust an operating system you don't have sources for. ;-)

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