On 01-Nov-01 Mike Barcroft wrote:
> Doug Barton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> On Wed, 31 Oct 2001, David O'Brien wrote:
>> > I *DID* test it with a full `make world'.  By chance is this your second
>> > `make world' after the change?  It seems we are using the host awk
>> > instead of the one we built.  Requiring someone to do two back-to-back
>> > `make world's before a commit has never been a requirement.  Some things
>> > we just find out after a commit.
>>      "Required" isn't really the question. It seems like common sense
>> to me when discussing such a frequently used build tool.
> I'm sure there's better things you could be doing besides lecturing
> David about testing his changes before committing.  Not every bug can
> be found before committing, which is why we have a little thing called

And the irony being that David has one of the best test methodologies of any
committer I know.  The number of torture tests he has submitted binutils and
gcc updates to in the past is amazing.  So he missed one, give him a break and
help fix it if you can.


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