Please run this patch on you current machine and report any problems
you might notice!


All dev_t's in the system should be created with an explicit
make_dev() call and the old "wildcard" cdevsw[] mechanism be killed
to the extent we can.

This patch covers what I think is the trivial drivers, and if no
problems are reported I will sweep all these drivers for cdevsw_add()
related code and commit it one by one.

If you know any of the drivers involved and know for sure that the
driver is covered with make_dev() calls (ie: it works correctly on
DEVFS systems) please feel (more than) free to remove the cdevsw_add()
call yourself.


        Remove the majority of the cdevsw_add() calls in the kernel.
        All main-stream drivers have been fixed for DEVFS which by
        definition makes cdevsw_add() calls unneeded for both the DEVFS
        and !DEVFS cases.
        I have not removed the cdevsw_add() calls from driver where I
        think it might make a difference for the !DEVFS case still or
        where I could not figure out what was going on.
        This patch is not the commit-ready version, but offered as a
        HEADSUP for people to test the effect of the actual patch on
        their systems.
        The actual patch will remove the entire cdevsw_add() family.

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