Julian Elischer wrote:
> I haven't been able to find the usb mailing list....
> where's it gone?
> I've been trying ot run some USB programs 
> specifically gphoto2
> and I came to the conclusion that there may be some incompatibility 
> in the libusb layer..
> since then I discovered that there are TWO libusb's..
> One from NetBSD and one from the world of pinguins (Actually sourcforge)
> It seems to me that our libusb needs to be called libusb-hid
> since it only supports the HID compatible devices and the one at sourceforge
> should probably be called libusb.
> Has anyone managed to get the libusb (gpl) to work under freeBSD -current?
> More specifically has anyone managed to get the gphoto2 library to work?

Yes. There are fundamental differences between our usb kernel stack and
gphoto's assumptions.  I know of one person who has made it work, I think
it was Daniel O'Connor (If I remember the name right).  The biggest problem
was that you have to open *two* fd's to the camera (one for send, one for
recieve) vs. the single fd that serial and linux use.

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