Robert Watson wrote:
> It's probably the awk bug.  You need to use /boot/loader.old to boot the
> system, build and install a fresh awk (gnu awk), then build and install a
> fresh loader.
> You don't get bitten by this until the second upgrade after the bad awk
> version was introduced, since the awk used to build the loader is the
> system's native awk, not the awk in the build tree.  This probably needs
> to be changed so that awk is a buildtool, and one is built early to use
> when building the loader.

Is Perl a build tool? Awk was originally introduced when compiling FICL
so that boot wouldn't depend on that Evil Thing (Perl). But standard
FICL distribution uses a perl script instead of a awk one. OTOH, our awk
script removes more white space than the perl one, but that can easily
be corrected.

Daniel C. Sobral                        (8-DCS)

        wow regex humor... I'm a geek

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