In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Cyrille Lefevre writes:
: Warner Losh wrote:
: > In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Cyrille Lefevre writes:
: > : I don't know -current. what is the feature which replace kget ?
: > : does boot -c (or whatever) still exists ? is it possible to
: > : edit <KERNEL>.hints at boot time ?
: > 
: > set/unset works.
: > 
: > I've removed ISA devices at boot time by unsetting the 'at' hint.
: thanks for the trick. but show/set/unset are really less intuitive
: than boot -c, specifically to novice users. unfortunately, I'm not
: forth aware at all, so, don't ask me about writting such tool using
: forth :P

Right.  There is a forth tool available (authored I think by
matsushita-san), and now that matsushita-san is a committer, maybe it
will be done in time for 5.0. :-)


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