> BTW, how dou you think my other patch (use 'devfs' while mounting
> filesystems, use fsck_ffs instead of fsck) for sysinstall, which was
> posted about a week before to [EMAIL PROTECTED]?  You can fetch from:
> <URL:http://people.freebsd.org/~matusita/5.0-CURRENT-20011121-JPSNAP_usedevfs

Hmmm.  To be honest, at least one part doesn't make too much sense to

In the quoted section, where you move up the code for copying the
initial /dev files from the mfsroot to the new on-disk root, you then
proceed to mount a devfs instance right over it.  Don't you want to
try the devfs mount and only copy device files if that returns an
error code?  You're just going to do extra work and then cover it up
otherwise. :-)

+       dialog_clear_norefresh();
+       msgNotify("Copying initial device files..");
+       /* Copy the boot floppy's dev files */
+       if ((root->newfs || upgrade) && vsystem("find -x /dev | cpio %s -pdum /mnt", 
+cpioVerbosity())) {
+           msgConfirm("Couldn't clone the /dev files!");
+           return DITEM_FAILURE | DITEM_RESTORE;
+       }
+       /* Mount devfs for other partitions to mount */
+       Mkdir("/mnt/dev");
+       if (!Fake)
+           mount("devfs", "/mnt/dev", 0, NULL);

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