sources from yesterday evening. rebuild with kernel sources from tonight.
same results.

vt0: unknown trident VGA, 80 columns, color, 8 screens, unknown keyboard
Warning: Driver mistake: repeat make_dev ("ttyv0")
panic: don't do that
Debugger ("panic"
stopped at      debugger+0x44   pushl   %ebx

Debugger(c02d977b) at Debugger+0x44
panic(c02d6b10,c02d6ae0,c0354e3c,0,c12a7b80) at panic+0x70
make_dev(c03404c0,0,0,0,180,c02f9e0d,0,c0398420) at make_dev+0xfb
pcvt_attach(c12a7b80,c12a7b80,c12b2000,18,1) at pcvt_attach+0x1fe
device_probe_and_attach(c12a7b80) at device_probe_and_attach+0x9a
isa_probe_children(c1299580,c0441d98,c01bb0dc,0,43ec00) at isa_probe_children+0xf7
configure(0,43ec00,43e000,0,c012739c) at configure+0x39
mi_startup() at mi_startup+0x90
begin() at begin+0x43

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