On Mon, 19 Nov 2001, Bob Vaughan wrote:

> > sources from yesterday evening. rebuild with kernel sources from tonight.
> > same results.
> >
> >
> > vt0: unknown trident VGA, 80 columns, color, 8 screens, unknown keyboard
> > Warning: Driver mistake: repeat make_dev ("ttyv0")
> > panic: don't do that
> > Debugger ("panic"
> > stopped at  debugger+0x44   pushl   %ebx
> ...
> Ok.. this apparently is caused by having both sc0 and vt0 defined in the
> kernel config. maybe a comment in GENERIC might be in order..

This was a supported configuration.  It used to be possible to switch
between consoles using userconfig.  When consoles use the same resources,
the first one that happens the be attached should allocate the resources
and the others should fail to attach when they can't allocate the
resources.  Things might work better if pcattach() actually checked
for success of its resource allocations.


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