>>>>> "ID" == Ian Dowse <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    ID> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, CHOI Junho writes:
    > Hmm.. I have experienced another problem(-current of 19 Nov.) with
    > vmware. When it runs it comes up with the following dialog:
    >   "Encountered an error while initializing the ethernet address.
    >    You probably have an old vnet driver. Try installing a newer version
    >    Failed to configure ethernet0"

    ID> Hi, could you try to get a ktrace of what it is doing just before
    ID> this happens? Run

    ID> ktrace -i vmware

    ID> as root (you may need to copy your ~/.vmware to ~root first). Then
    ID> use "linux_kdump -n" (/usr/ports/devel/linux_kdump) and look for
    ID> any ioctls that it does immediately before giving that error message.

I'll try. Oh, I forget to say I appiled des's linux_ioctl patch.


    ID> Ian

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