Upgrading from a fresh 4.4-RELEASE install to 5.0-CURRENT is remarkably
simple at this point in time, a couple of observations however...

I did have to do an installworld before I could install a new kernel. Trying
to do an installkernel first fails for lack of kldxref. Perhaps that could
be committed to STABLE to make going from STABLE to CURRENT a bit simpler if
it doesn't carry a huge number of dependencies? That and the lack of a
/boot/device.hints file are the only complications I saw while doing the

Not a major concern obviously, just thinking in terms of when folks move
from 4.x-STABLE to 5.0-RELEASE in the future. Things will of course change
by then I'm sure.

Something else... it seems to me that just a few weeks ago I was able to
install CURRENT directly from current.freebsd.org with sysinstall after
setting the release option to point to one of the 5.0 snaps, can't do that
now as you can't log into that system as anonymous. Broken? No longer
available? Just a fluke that I was able to do it before?

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