On Wed, Nov 21, 2001 at 12:53:55PM -0500, Darren Henderson wrote:
> Upgrading from a fresh 4.4-RELEASE install to 5.0-CURRENT is remarkably
> simple at this point in time, a couple of observations however...
Thanks.  :-)

> I did have to do an installworld before I could install a new kernel. Trying
> to do an installkernel first fails for lack of kldxref. Perhaps that could
> be committed to STABLE to make going from STABLE to CURRENT a bit simpler if
> it doesn't carry a huge number of dependencies?
Hmm, this shouldn't be a problem as of src/sys/modules/Makefile,v 1.202
failure to run kldxref(8) is not considered fatal, and kldxref is only
run once after all modules are installed.

> That and the lack of a /boot/device.hints file are the only complications
> I saw while doing the upgrade.
You're supposed to read src/UPDATING when doing a source upgrade.
It has all the necessary info on the topic under the ``To upgrade
from 4.x-stable to current'' section, including the step to setup
/boot/device.hints file.


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