I'm told there is a fix for this in the latest current (ie. re-CVSup).  Apparently somewhere around line 49 of src/usr.bin/systat/tcp.c it was missing a "#include <net/route.h>" .

jlemon commited a fix not too long ago.

At 08:48 PM 11/22/2001 +0100, Emiel Kollof wrote:
* Landon Stewart ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> When I do a "make buildworld" I get an error about an incomplete type for
> field 'inc4_route'.  I've read the /usr/src/UPDATING and found no real
> references to this type of problem.
> Am I jumping too far between 4.3-REL and current?

Shouldn't be a big issue.

> Do I need some compile options?


> Do I need the compat4.x.i386 installed?

Dunno. I guess not.

> Any other ideas?

Maybe going to the most recent STABLE might help, since that went
almost flawless for me (minus some ACPI issues, but I'm working on

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