John Baldwin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> On 12-Nov-01 Julian Elischer wrote:
> > On the other hand we might conceivably be able to 
> > stop the export from the kernel of this struct type.
> Not unless we stop exporting struct proc since each proc has an
> embedded thread.

We don't really need to export struct proc now that we have struct
kinfo_proc, do we?  The few userland libraries and programs that still
need it (basically libkvm and gdb - libkvm consumers such as top only
need to have it declared, not defined) could define something like
_NEED_STRUCT_PROC before including <sys/proc.h>.

One other thing worth pointing out is that there is no reason for
<sys/user.h> to include <sys/proc.h>.  It just needs to declare struct
proc as an opaque structure.  Also, <sys/user.h> currently pulls in a
lot of other headers such as <sys/_lock.h> and <sys/_mutex.h> that are
needed only because <sys/proc.h> depends on them.

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