On 14 Nov 2001, Dag-Erling Smorgrav wrote:

> One other thing worth pointing out is that there is no reason for
> <sys/user.h> to include <sys/proc.h>.  It just needs to declare struct
> proc as an opaque structure.

I tried removing it a moth or two ago, but gave up.  There was too much
secondary namespace pollution that should be cleaned up first.

> Also, <sys/user.h> currently pulls in a
> lot of other headers such as <sys/_lock.h> and <sys/_mutex.h> that are
> needed only because <sys/proc.h> depends on them.

These are needed for <sys/ucred.h> too (except <sys/ucred.h> includes
them itself).  The struct mtx in <sys/ucred.h> is one of the main sources
of secondary pollution.  struct ucred insn't inside the _KERNEL ifdef
because a few parts of userland still need it.


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