On Wed, 24 Oct 2001, Jonathan Lemon wrote:

> Hmm.  The way the revamped console code works is this:
>   cn_devopen() calls vn_open() to open the device.  If this is not a
> VCHR device, then it is closed.  Otherwise, the vnode is stashed in
> cnd->cnd_vp.
>   When the device is closed though cnclose(), it walks through a list
> of console devices, and if cnd_vp != NULL, calls vn_close() for that
> vnode, and then NULLs out cnd_vp. (drops the reference.)
>   My understanding is that vn_open/vn_close will track the count of
> outstanding references to the vnode, so this should be safe to do.

The reference counts were inadequate for handling controlling terminals
in the old version.  I don't see how this can work now.  You do extra
opens.  This will prevent controlling ttys going away properly.  E.g.,
suppose sio0 is a console device and is completely closed.  The following
sequence of operations should leave it a non-controlling tty:

                                sio0's ref count
        open sio0               1
        make sio0 a ctty        2
        open cn                 3
        close sio0              2
        lose sio0 as a ctty     1

sioclose() will not be called here since the reference count is > 0,
so ctty-related stuff in its tty struct will not be cleared, and things

Similarly with sio0 and cn reversed.

The old code had kludges to handle one of these cases.  I had fixes
for the other one.  These are now invalid (sigh).  I didn't commit
them because there seemed to be a lot of races nearby.  Perhaps the
panic is caused a race.  The races are related to stashing of pointers
related to controlling terminals.  The lifetime of these pointers is


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