Can we move this multi-line stuff above the "Doing initial network
setup:" echo?  It makes the echo -n stuff printed afterwards
look dumb -- right now, we see:

Doing initial network setup:
Generating /etc/host.conf for compatibility
 hostname domain.

The "hostname domain" are somewhat orphaned.  Perhaps

Doing initial network setup: host.conf hostname domain.

is sufficient?  If not, let's make it

Generating /etc/host.conf for compatibility
Doing initial network setup: hostname domain.

I'm fine with the host.conf -> nsswitch.conf update being a multi-line
message, because it happens once.  Since the nsswitch.conf->host.conf
happens on every boot, I'd like to see it be more integrated into the
boot messages.

I've got patches pending to turn this script into an awk (instead of
gawk) script too, so if someone wants to commit this change I can send
the other changes too, or I can make whatever change we decide is


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