For the first time in as long as I can remember (several years at
least), I've backed my workstation at home down to -STABLE. The three
problems I'm having currently are just too much for me to put up with,
and at this point in my life I need something that works. Yes... I know
that this is an excellent reason to go back to -stable, so why am I
bothering to write the list about it? Basically in the hopes that these
things will get some attention. 

Reported on 9/30:
panic: blockable sleep lock (sx) allproc @

According to BDE, "This is a well-know bug in printf(9).  The TIOCCONS
ioctl always gave non-deterministic crashes.  Now it gives determinstic
panics when
pintf() is called while sched_lock is held." That's the only discussion
about it, no fixes, no suggestions. 

Ok, I can live without that one, but,

Reported on 9/30:
Any releng_4 apps that I tried to run on my -current system could not
resolve hostnames. This included cvsup and yahoo! messenger. This was a
show stopper for me. The only suggestion I received was to make sure
that I didn't have any old libs laying around, which I did; and install
COMPAT4x, which I also did. Updating -current every other day to see if
something magic happened led me to,

Reported on 10/6:
Soren's ATA upgrade caused kernel panic on boot. Soren was kind enough
to discuss these changes with me, which were necessary to accomodate
some laptop users. However, he hasn't had a chance to find a middle
ground yet.

So, in the process of backing the above change out, the kernel I came up
with crashed, and corrupted my / partition (which wasn't ata related,
since my hd's in that system are scsi). So, rather than repair it, I
replaced it. 

        I've always felt strongly that developers should have at least one
-current install around to work on, and I've always had good luck from
following the lists, updating judiciously, etc. I know that people who
can't afford broken stuff shouldn't run -current on key systems, which
is why I've downgraded. I've always been willing to do what I can to
debug, test, report, etc. But three nasty problems with no help is more
than I can deal with right now.

Hoping it gets better soon,


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