> > from what i can see, identcpu.c fetches the cpu name using a cpuid
> > instruction.
> The part cpuid gives you is "AuthenticAMD".
> The fancy name is determined by switching on the Id.

read identcpu.c.  you are correct for k6 and lesser processors.  the code in
question is around line 323:
  do_cpuid(0x80000000, regs);
  nreg = regs[0];
  if (nreg >= 0x80000004) {
   do_cpuid(0x80000002, regs);
   memcpy(cpu_model, regs, sizeof regs);
   do_cpuid(0x80000003, regs);
   memcpy(cpu_model+16, regs, sizeof regs);
   do_cpuid(0x80000004, regs);
   memcpy(cpu_model+32, regs, sizeof regs);


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