Please type "boot -v" at the loader prompt and send me dmesg's output
after the system has started.

I would also like to know more about your mouse: manufacturer, product
name, model No, a URL which lists this mouse, etc.

Thank you,

>-current as of yesterday.
>I've got a new mouse, but it isn't compatible with moused:
>I get "psmintr: out of sync (00c0 != 0000)." and any cursor movement
>moves the cursor to the upper right edge of the screen. Further mouse
>movement results in virtual button presses.
>Attached is the output of "moused -p /dev/psm0 -d -f".
>The output shows in this order:
> - move to the left
> - move to the right
> - move forward
> - move backward
> - push left button
> - push right button
> - push middle button
> - scroll wheel forward
> - scroll wheel backward
> - push the second left button (yes, there's a second button behind
>   the left button)
> - push the second right button
>The mouse is labeled as a 600dpi mouse ("-r 600" didn't changes the
>Win2k has no problems with it, "unset acpi_load" at the loader prompt
>didn't changes the behavior.

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