On 27-Sep-01 SXren Schmidt wrote:
> It seems John Baldwin wrote:
>> > I found that I am no longer able to boot -current kernel on my machine.
>> > The
>> > system panices right after initialising ed0 driver:
>> > 
>> > [...]
>> > ed0: <NE2000 PCI Ethernet (RealTek 8029)> port 0xe800-0xe81f irq 9 at
>> > device
>> > 9.0 on pci0
>> > panic: inthand_add: can't initialize ICU
>> > 
>> > Attached please find verbose kernel bootup messages obtained from the last
>> > good kernel from about a week ago.
>> > 
>> > Please fix.
>> Could you, say, add a printf to icu_set() to print out the passed in
>> interrupt
>> number before it returns EINVAL?  Also, adding a call to debugger
>> (Debugger("foo");) and getting a stack trace would be very helpful.
> I see the same thing here on my latitude, the passed irq is 0xb, I dont 
> have the stack trace written down (too damn long) but its when it attaches
> the pcic controller..

I've just committed a workaround.  It had to do with shared interrupts.

> -Søren


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