In the last episode (Nov 29), Kenneth Wayne Culver said:
> On Thu, 29 Nov 2001, Dan Nelson wrote:
> > From Linux headers:
> > 
> > #define TUNIOCGETINFO  0x7201  /* get version of driver & capabilities of tuner */
> > 
> > Doubtful that its failure will affect you.  I assume ftruncate64()
> > should map almost directly onto our ftruncate().  Not sure what
> > mmap2() is.
> Well, I switched to the linux_base-6.1 libs and all but the 0x7201
> error stopped occuring, but still the same problem, winex says it
> can't open the the file that I'm trying to execute.

They only stopped occuring because RedHat 6.1 didn't even support
64-bit files, so of course those libs aren't going to use the 64-bit
calls :)

Your problem is probably somewhere other than ioctl 0x7201; try
trussing/stracing the app and see what it's trying to access.

        Dan Nelson

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