On Sat, Oct 06, 2001 at 12:40:57 -0700, Terry Lambert wrote:
> Here are patches to three of the Gigabit ethernet drivers to
> implement soft interrupt coelescing.  I have included patches
> for the dc, ti, and vr drivers... the ti driver is by far the
> cleanest.
> I don't use Bill Paul's Tigon III driver, so I haven't
> included patche for it (the patches should be obvious,
> anyway, from these).
> This does in software what the firmware interrupt coelescing
> that Bill Paul put in the Tigon II and Tigon III drivers
> does, namely, process more packets per interrupt than would
> otherwise be processed, and thus reduce interrupt overhead.

[ I don't particularly want to get involved in this thread...but... ]

Can you explain why the ti(4) driver needs a coalescing patch?  It already
has in-firmware coalescing paramters that are tuneable by the user.  It
also already processes all outstanding BDs in ti_rxeof() and ti_txeof().

It isn't terribly clear what you're doing in the patch, since it isn't a
context diff.

You also never gave any details behind your statement last week:
"Because at the time the Tigon II was released, the jumbogram   
wire format had not solidified.  Therefore cards built during  
that time used different wire data for the jumbogram framing."

I asked, in response:

"Can you give more details?  Did someone decide on a different ethertype
than 0x8870 or something?
That's really the only thing that's different between a standard ethernet
frame and a jumbo frame.  (other than the size)"

Kenneth Merry

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