Riccardo Torrini wrote:
> Over than an year ago (9.9.2000) I submitted a pr (kern/21154)
> to ask renaming from actual *_saver.ko to saver_*.ko of saver
> modules to uniform names under /boot/kernel as sound (snd_*),
> interfaces (if_*), splash (splash_*) and netgraph (ng_*).

        Thanks for the reminder, I just closed that PR. :) This change would
cause a lot of uphevel, a lot of source duplication in the cvs
repository, and wouldn't provide any clear benefit, other than making
ls(1) a little more orderly in the modules directory. Things work fine
the way they are, so changing this isn't worth what it would cost. 

> Another question: I noticed good support for USB peripherals
> like scanner, mp3 player (rio) mouse and ethernet but nothing
> to use a photo camera (yes, I buy an inexpensive usb digital
> photo camera, Agfa ePhoto-CL18) and I try to compile gphoto
> because it recently added support for CL-18 (w/out success).

        Nothing gets done around here unless someone who cares does it...
someone else already explained why doing this in userland would be a
better way to handle it, good luck. :)

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