I've been trying to get applix 5.0 to work and I've been running into
some intresting problems.  The first one was that current has the
getresuid syscall and the gtk12 build detects and uses it.  Unfortuatly
FreeBSD 3.x and 4.x don't have this syscall so you can't use libgtk12
with old libc's if it's built on current.  I was able to build a new one
with use of getresuid disabled and that got the main program to load.
It appears that the gtk12 port needs to disable this dubious feature or
getresuid needs to be MFC'd all the way back to 3.x.

After that I tried using the converters and discovered that the
olefilter doesn't work because is uses libc_r.so.3 and we don't have a
version of that with __stderrp defined.  I don't really know what the
fix to this one is since we haven't had a libc_r.so.3 in 3.x for almost
two years now.  Any ideas?

-- Brooks

P.S. Does any one know who owns the FreeBSD rights to Applix these days?

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