At 12:43 PM -0700 10/16/01, Brooks Davis wrote:
>I've been trying to get applix 5.0 to work and I've been running into
>some interesting problems.  The first one was that current has the
>getresuid syscall and the gtk12 build detects and uses it.  Unfortunately
>FreeBSD 3.x and 4.x don't have this syscall so you can't use libgtk12
>with old libc's if it's built on current.  I was able to build a new
>one with use of getresuid disabled and that got the main program to
>load. It appears that the gtk12 port needs to disable this dubious
>feature or getresuid needs to be MFC'd all the way back to 3.x.

If I understand the above, then you compiled something on -current
and you wanted it to run on release-4 and release-3.  I do not think
you can count on that.  If you want a program to run on multiple
releases, then you'll need to compile it on the lowest release, not
on -current.

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