Now that I have your attention, please listen up, this may have some
far-reaching consequences.

We currently have 2 telnet sources in the src/ tree; src/crypto/telnet
and the "base" telnet spread around in (src/*/*telnet*/).

The "base" telnet is a complete subset of src/crypto telnet, and as
a consequence of this, I want to remove the base telnet bits from
the src/ tree. (Just the source, not the build infrastructure).

This will be accomplished by removing the "base" sources, and building
telnet without defining the AUTHENTICATION and ENCRYPTION macros. These
macros are currently used with unifdef to make (by hand) the "base"
telnet stuff).

I'm not sure when I'll make the commit, but it will be soonish, with
due fanfare.

Those of you who believe that you may be in trouble with your
government by having crypto in your posession (as opposed to using
it), please let me know ASAP! This will make src/crypto mandatory
if you want telnet(d). This will _not_ make crypto _use_ mandatory.

o       Mark Murray
\_      FreeBSD Services Limited
O.\_    Warning: this .sig is umop ap!sdn

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