Ah, the thread which would not die... 8^).

Joerg Wunsch wrote:
> /The/ major advantage of DD mode was that all BIOSes (so far :) at
> least agree on how to access block 0 and the adjacent blocks, so
> starting our own system there makes those disks portable.

I guarantee you that there are a number of controllers which have
different ideas of how to do soft sector sparing _at the controller
level_ rather than at the drive level.

Disks created with such controllers aren't portable, since they
depend on controller state information, which may not be valid
from controller to controller, depending on the controller settings
(I killed a disk by not having the WD1007 soft sector sparing
jumper set the same in the machine I put it in as in the machine I
took it out of... 8^)).

> I've read this, and yes, i never argued about fixing /that/.  Since
> those values chosen by our grandfather Bill Jolitz have been just
> `magic' numbers only, it's unfortunate they eventually turned out to
> be such bad magic about a decade later.

Yeah, we should pick new magic.  It's bound to die again in the future,
though, once "what's magic" changes out from under us again... 8^(.

-- Terry

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