Mike Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>  - The MBR partition table is not "obsolete", it's a part of the PC 
>    architecture specification.

Its design is antique.  Or rather: it's missing a design.  See other
mail for the reasons.  For FreeBSD, it's obsolete since we don't need
to rely on fdisk slices.  (Or rather: it's optional.  We can make good
use of it when it's there, but we don't need to insist on it being

> You do realise that "DD" mode does include a (invalid) MBR partition
> table (now valid, courtesy of a long-needed fix), right?

Yes, of course, one that is basically ignored by everything.  It has
always been there, back since 386BSD 0.1.  386BSD 0.0 didn't recognize
fdisk tables at all, but could only live on a disk by its own (as any
other BSD before used to).

> I'd love to never hear those invalid, unuseful, misleading opinions
> from you again.


As long as you keep the feature of DD mode intact, i won't argue.  If
people feel like creating disks that aren't portable to another
controller, they should do.  I don't like this idea.

But to be honest, see my other article: i never argued to make this
the default or a recommended strategy in any form.  It should only
remain intact at all.  Back to the subject, the current warning
however, is pointless, and has the major drawback to potentially hide
important console messages.

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