Either this is a troll, or it's an attempt at the very first layer 8 (between
chair and keyboard) exploit:

> Version #2 - for enterprise (ie. business) users, who are searching for their
>            way in life (overwhelming majority) (local solution, still):
>       find / -print0 | grep -v xargs | xargs -0 rm -f {} \;
>                               (the -v switch for grep adds some *verbosity*
>                                 during operation)

This doesn't quite do what he says; let's hope nobody tried to run it AND let
it run to its unpleasant end: passing the paths to all the files on your system
down the pipes on a single line, for rm to delete... Too bad the machine would
slow down to a crawl...

nice try anyway ;-)

[luckily the rm wouldn't work for at least a reason which is left as an exercise
to the reader]

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