On Sunday,  9 December 2001 at 16:59:28 -0800, Peter Wemm wrote:
> Joerg Wunsch wrote:
>> Mike Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> I'd love to never hear those invalid, unuseful, misleading opinions
>>> from you again.
>> As long as you keep the feature of DD mode intact, i won't argue.  If
>> people feel like creating disks that aren't portable to another
>> controller, they should do.  I don't like this idea.
> We can just as easily have bootable-DD mode with a real MBR and have
> freebsd start on sector #2 instead of overlapping boot1 and mbr.   

This would seem to be a reasonable alternative.  

> This costs only one sector instead of 64 sectors (a whopping 32K,
> I'm sure that is going to break the bank on today's disks).

Well, the real question is the space wasted at the end, which can be
up to a megabyte.  Still not going to kill you, but it's aesthetically

> I'd rather that we be specific about this.  If somebody wants ad2e
> or da2e then they should not be using *any* fdisk tables at all.
> Ie: block 0 should be empty.  The problem is that if you put
> /boot/boot1 in there, then suddenly it looks like a fdisk disk and
> we have to have ugly magic to detect it and prevent the fake table
> from being used.  I would prefer that the fdisk table come out of
> /boot/boot1 so that we dont have to have it by default, and we use
> fdisk to install the "DD magic table" if somebody wants to make it
> bootable.

So where would you put the bootstrap?  In sector 2?

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