On Tue, Dec 11, 2001 at 03:34:37PM +0100, Wilko Bulte wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 11, 2001 at 11:06:33AM +1030, Greg Lehey wrote:
> > I think this is what Mike was referring to when talking about parity
> > calculation.  In any case, going across a stripe boundary is not a
> > good idea, though of course it can't be avoided.  That's one of the
> > arguments for large stripes.
> In a former life I was involved with a HB striping product for SysVr2
> that had a slightly modified filesystem that 'knew' when it was
> working on a striped disk. And as it know, it avoided posting I/O s
> that crossed stripes.

Here some real world statistics with UFS softupdates:
Plex d1.p0:     Size:   8736473088 bytes (8331 MB)
                Subdisks:        3
                State: up
                Organization: striped   Stripe size: 256 kB
                Part of volume d1
                Reads:                     83546
                Bytes read:            258429952 (246 MB)
                Average read:               3093 bytes
                Writes:                   100109
                Bytes written:         818750464 (780 MB)
                Average write:              8178 bytes
                Multiblock:                  279 (0%)
                Multistripe:                  82 (0%)

                Subdisk 0:      d1.p0.s0
                  state: up     size  2912157696 (2777 MB)
                Subdisk 1:      d1.p0.s1
                  state: up     size  2912157696 (2777 MB)
                Subdisk 2:      d1.p0.s2
                  state: up     size  2912157696 (2777 MB)

You can easily see that the number of Multistripe transactions are
unnoticeable low.

Here another case with 64k stripe size:
Plex d7.p0:     Size:   36419796992 bytes (34732 MB)
                Subdisks:        2
                State: up
                Organization: striped   Stripe size: 64 kB
                Part of volume d7
                Reads:                    934001
                Bytes read:           3718752768 (3546 MB)
                Average read:               3981 bytes
                Writes:                   220293
                Bytes written:        3702993920 (3531 MB)
                Average write:             16809 bytes
                Multiblock:                50037 (4%)
                Multistripe:               25047 (2%)

                Subdisk 0:      d7.p0.s0
                  state: up     size 18209898496 (17366 MB)
                Subdisk 1:      d7.p0.s1
                  state: up     size 18209898496 (17366 MB)

You can see that even we have an absolute extrem situation the number
of multistripe transactions is still very low.
But a value of 384k would be a much better value for other reasons.

You may want to compare the multistripe number with the multiblock number
and yes it doesn't look that good anymore, but you also see that the
change from 64k to 256k get much better results, while the average
transaction size is 5865 bytes for the first case and 6429 bytes for
the second - not that different.

Most of my plexes are concat anyway.

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