I am testing the forwarding performance of CURRENT vs. STABLE
(both more or less up to date, unmodified, with the latest performance
patches to the "dc" driver, which I am using) and I am having some
STABLE can forward approx 125Kpps, whereas CURRENT tops at approx 80Kpps.

This is on the same hardware, 750MHz Athlon, fastforwarding enabled,
a 4-port 21143 card, one input driven with a stream of up to 148Kpps
(64 bytes each).

Ability to transmit seems roughly the same (in both cases 138Kpps),
and lack of CPU does not seem to be the problem (at least for
CURRENT), so I am suspecting some difference in the initialization
of PCI parameters, such as burst size etc, but I am unclear on
where to look at.  Any ideas ?

 Luigi RIZZO, [EMAIL PROTECTED]  . ACIRI/ICSI (on leave from Univ. di Pisa)
 http://www.iet.unipi.it/~luigi/  . 1947 Center St, Berkeley CA 94704
 Phone: (510) 666 2927

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