I've noticed that -current has much lower TCP performance.  I haven't
    had time to investigate it but I presume there is some overhead
    somewhere that is killing it.


:I am testing the forwarding performance of CURRENT vs. STABLE
:(both more or less up to date, unmodified, with the latest performance
:patches to the "dc" driver, which I am using) and I am having some
:STABLE can forward approx 125Kpps, whereas CURRENT tops at approx 80Kpps.
:This is on the same hardware, 750MHz Athlon, fastforwarding enabled,
:a 4-port 21143 card, one input driven with a stream of up to 148Kpps
:(64 bytes each).
:Ability to transmit seems roughly the same (in both cases 138Kpps),
:and lack of CPU does not seem to be the problem (at least for
:CURRENT), so I am suspecting some difference in the initialization
:of PCI parameters, such as burst size etc, but I am unclear on
:where to look at.  Any ideas ?
:       cheers
:       luigi
: Luigi RIZZO, [EMAIL PROTECTED]  . ACIRI/ICSI (on leave from Univ. di Pisa)

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