>Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 06:15:32 -0800
>From: Edwin Culp <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>Is anyone using dhclient successfully with Current of the last week or so?

Sure; hadn't noticed any problems with it.

>I don't use it all the time but I have been trying for the last couple of
>days without success.  

>It accesses the server and changes the interface ip to netmask

Odd.  Looks like symptom of a failure to get a lease (to me, though I'm
not an expert in DHCP).  Do you have available IP addresses to hand out?
Are you sure the NIC is operating properly?  (E.g., can you put it in
promiscuous mode & see traffic on the net, via tcpdump or ethereal?)

(I've been tracking both -STABLE & -CURRENT daily(*), both on my laptop
(which is a DHCP client) and my build machine (which isn't) for several
months now....)

* OK; modulo the occasional breakage.  But that's been pretty rare --
  even in -CURRENT, for me.

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