On Thu, 13 Dec 2001, Edwin Culp wrote:

> Is anyone using dhclient successfully with Current of the last week or
> so?  I don't use it all the time but I have been trying for the last
> couple of days without success.
> It accesses the server and changes the interface ip to netmask

My -CURRENT dhclient is working just fine on several boxes from Dec 11,
12, and 13.  And I guess also 14, given the time :-).  As pointed out, is what dhclient will set the interface IP address to when it
doesn't have a valid lease currently, and needs to look for one.  If it
fails to quickly find a lease, it keeps trying, but you actually get a
window to see this address on your interface, whereas if it runs quickly,
you often won't.

Using a packet sniffer can be invaluable in debugging DHCP problems: 
tcpdump udp port dhcpc or udp port dhcps is useful, but even better is
ethereal's ability to decode the DHCP packet in detail, display options
cleanly, etc.  You might want to try looking to make sure that you're
getting a response, and if you are, whether it looks adequate :-).

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