>Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 00:02:23 +1000
>From: Stephen McKay <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>A number of people have complained that "burncd msinfo" returns the wrong
>value when there are already multiple sessions on a CD.  This is true,
>and is bug bin/27593.

>Since I burn a lot of multisession CDs, and have been working out the mkisofs
>-C values by hand with the help of "cdcontrol info", I thought now would be a
>good time to fix this bug.

>Unfortunately, I've found that burncd won't work with SCSI burners, and
>the only ATAPI burner I have is at work, and well, it's Christmas and all
>that.  So this is completely untested, though I believe it should work.

OK; I corresponded with Stephen, and since I have an ATAPI CD burner, I
tested it (under -CURRENT).  The patch works as advertised, as far as I
can tell:  I was able to make a multi-session CD following Stephen's
suggestions, and using output from "cdcontrol info" as a reference, the
output from "burncd msinfo" is broken (in that it always returns "0" for
the first LBA of the last track) without Stephen's patch, but with the
patch applied, the LBAs reported by "burncd msinfo" agree with those
reported by "cdcontrol info".

>I hope this can make it into 4.5.

Likewise -- though my perceived need for it is less than Stephen's, it
would be a Good Thing to have this (apparently easily-fixed bug) fixed.

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