On Saturday, 5th January 2002, Søren Schmidt wrote:

>It seems Stephen McKay wrote:
>> Now that "burncd msinfo" returns the correct values I noticed another small
>> problem: it displays the result on stderr instead of stdout.
>Hmm, that was intentional...

Could you explain why?  The most obvious practical use would be:

$ mkisofs -r -C `burncd msinfo` -M /dev/acd0c -o new.iso goodies

Writing to stderr means this doesn't work, and you have to add 2>&1 to it.
Also the white space means you have to use extra quoting.

>> Can I commit the obvious patch?
>Could you just hang on for now, since I'm doing large changes to
>burncd just now in order to support other things, and keeping
>everybody changes to the stock sources is not making things 

Are these changes intended for 4.5?  I'm hoping the small change I
proposed would be accepted into 4.5, before anybody starts using
"burncd msinfo" in practice.  I think this is sensible, even if
a much improved burncd is scheduled for 4.6.

Regardless of this, I do not intend to commit any unwelcome changes.


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