My kernel compile from fresh CURRENT sources bombed today with this:

linking kernel.debug ddp_input.o: In function `atintr':
/usr/src/sys/netatalk/ddp_input.c:51: multiple definition of `atintrq1_present' 
intrq.o(.data+0x0):/usr/src/sys/net/intrq.c: first defined here
ddp_input.o: In function `atintr': /usr/src/sys/netatalk/ddp_input.c:51: multiple 
definition of `atintrq2_present' intrq.o(.data+0x4):/usr/src/sys/net/intrq.c: first 
defined here
*** Error code 1

So that leaves Appletalk right out (which I use. I do own macs...). It
compiles fine if I leave options NETATALK out of my config

I also had some strange panics and these messages appear once in a while:

lock order reversal 1st 0xc185e934 filedesc structure @ 
2nd 0xc0419b00 Giant @ /usr/src/sys/kern/kern_descrip.c:959
The panics moan about a kernel trap and some mutex stuff involving
Giant. It only happens when I start Samba.

Any leads?

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