Hi gang,

Just a question: It seems while building a port, the ports system 
somehow spawns hundreds and hundreds of copies of make (even so much 
that they start hitting system limits). What's causing it, and how do I 
make it stop doing that.

Number of procs in top(1) shoot up into the ranges of 600+ procs (and 
usually defunct). Load average sometimes jumps up into the 100+ (I kid 
you not). I doubt that that is desired operation. I only started seeing 
this behavior when I switched over to CURRENT, but this mail is cc'd to 
ports@ too, just in case. It makes using portupgrade(1) as tense as a 
good thriller flick (will my system survive? The suspense!)

It usually happens at the beginning and at the bit where the 
installation of a port is 'registered'

So, what do I do? Is anyone else seeing this too?


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